Basics of growing vegetables at home: Watering and Harvesting

May 31, 2020

After sowing the seeds, keep your beds and garden moist until the sown seeds sprout (Make sure the seeds are fresh and in good condition). Water the beds with a fine spray (use gardspo 9 adjustable settings sprayer) to keep the beds moist and decrease watering after the seedlings are up. 

Taking care of your home garden is necessary to earn reward and conserve your struggle and work hard. There are many steps you have you to take in order to raise healthy plants such as watering, providing with good soil, growing enough plants you can easily take care of, discouraging weed seedling by cultivating the top inch of soil punctually and protecting from insects and diseases.

  • Watering your plants regularly (after every other day) keeps the soil moist and well drained that improves plant quality. If the Mother Nature does not help you in your job (when it rains very often), then you have to water your vegetable plants moderately, because most of the vegetables are not able to tolerate drought.
  • Another important factor that affects your home garden is the strength of your garden (number of plants). Start with small garden and gradually increase the number of plants. Select easy to grow plants for a good experience.
  • Providing your plants with good and enriched soil will help them to grow well and to build natural resistance against insects, plant diseases and severe environmental conditions.
  • Protect your plants from insects and animals. You can pick large insects by your hand or you can use home remedies to keep insects away from your plants without using any chemical. There is a variety of insecticidal sprays that can be used by simply reading the label on the product.
  • Harvest your vegetables soon after they are ready to pick. Picking your vegetables at the right time will allow your plant to produce more. Pick the veggies when you feel they are ready to eat.
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