Grow Vegetables at Home: Green Peas

May 31, 2020

Green peas are also known as garden peas and are grown best in cool spring weather. Although peas seeds sprout better in the warm (45 degree F to 75 degree F) soil, but the scorching heat of summer will destroy the plant. If you are planting your home garden in a cool spring weather and the temperature is not commensurate (less than 45 degree F), then you can cover seed bed with the help of a perforated plastic sheet for boosted germination and growth. Too damp and cold soil will promote fungus attack on the seeds. So, keep the soil warm as prescribed by the experts and the majority of the gardeners. 

Here is how to plant;

  1. Soak the seeds for an hour before sowing them
  2. Plant the seeds about 3 inches apart and 1.5 to 2 inches deep in the soil
  3. The climbing varieties of peas should be supported by using trellis (fence)
  4. The rows should be in north or south direction for proper sun exposure and eave about 8 inches in between rows.

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