Expandable Hoses Can Make Your Gardening And Car Washing Experience Pleasurable And Satisfactory!

September 16, 2017

In the ever-changing and evolving modern scenario technology also keeps changing to help humankind in different aspects of life. And this same phrase applies to garden hose industry also; introduction of the expandable garden hose has revolutionized the hose industry as it has made the life of users easier by making gardening and car washing a pleasurable experience because it has the flexibility to expand and contract itself according to the water pressure. An expanding hose can expand three times to its original size and this ability of hose makes the maintenance easy for the users as it can self-drain itself, it is non-twisting and non-kinking. Traditional and outdated hose for the garden are much heavier compared to this latest development as expandable garden hoses are made of light material. Since these hoses are light in weight and lesser in size, it is easier to store these after use because these require smaller storing space.

These expandable hoses are made of latex and nylon to make it work properly. The inner layer from where the water flows are made of elastic rubber or latex and the outer shell of the hose is formed of nylon. To provide the best pressure output these hoses get designed in layer design once the water is turned on from one end the hose expands to its maximum working length.Due to the ability to expand these Expand Hose can be the perfect addition to your armory as these never twist or tangle, on the other hand, traditional hoses can suck up a lot of your time and energy as they require a lot of storing space and needs detangling every time you put them into use. Expand hose usually comes in ¾ inch diameter that offers you enough water pressure to wash your vehicle like a pro. If you are looking for a multi-colored hose for the garden then these expandable hoses are the perfect solution for you as these are available in different colors and materials providing users with the complete freedom to pick one according to their preferences.

Although these hoses are pretty durable, still they demand some precautionary measures on the user end to make it last longer. The durability of the expand hose depends upon following three factors:

The quality of the material used by the hose provider.
Easier maintenance
Technology used in developing expandable hoses.

To make these more durable and to keep it in proper working condition one should ensure that it is filled with the valve shut off allowing it to expand fully before using it. Make sure it gets fully expanded every time you put it into use and don’t forget to turn the water off when the hose is not in use. It is always better to store hose in cold and dark place as direct sunlight can affect the material and color of the expand hose in negatively.

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