5 Things which can increase the life of your Expanding Hose

May 31, 2020

Expanding hoses have gained popularity around the globe at a very rapid rate and this trend is growing as more and more people enjoy the flexibility of expanding hose over traditional garden hose. However since expanding hose is not designed for heavy duty tasks, it does need some care to increase its useful life.

Sometimes customers complaints regarding expanding hoses burst after few uses since purchase or it was working very well but suddenly it developed leaks or pinholes whichExpandable Hose has made the hose useless. Additionally some customers have returned the hose immediately after first use as customers believe the hose arrive defective. Though this can be the case, as like with any other product manufactured expanding hose also has defective rate of 5% - 7%, however most of these returned hoses doesn’t have manufacturing defects but are damaged because customers didn’t know how to use these expanding hoses. Using expanding hose first time requires certain prep steps that are needed to ensure hose works as it should and also can last a long time. Similarly, there are certain requirements on how they should be stored. 

Below we have listed some things you can do to increase the life of your new expanding hose, which we believe if followed correctly and consistently should not only increase the life of your expanding hose but will also  make your life easier when using these incredible garden hoses. Little care can make huge difference.

These are 5 steps you should follow :

1 – When you have just bought these new expanding hoses, you just can’t wait to plug it in and start using it to see how these magic hoses expands 3 times its length BUT WAIT!

Before you start using the hose you need to ensure following"

  • Connect the hose to faucet while keeping the shut off valve.
  • Turn the water on while keeping the shut off valve OFF and allowing the hose to expand to full length.
  • Turn the shut off valve ON and OFF few times.
  • Now you can use the hose.
  • It’s recommended to follow the above instructions every time you use the expanding hose

2 – The inner tube of these hoses are covered with protective exterior fabric, which should be kept safe from sharp objects like thorns, rough concrete or cat/dog bites etc as any damage to the fabric will expose the inner tube to developing leaks.

3 – After each use, ensure that the hose is completely drained. Never leave the hose overnight with water as this can damage the inner tube.

4 – Refrain from exposing this hose to sun for long period of time when not in use. In extreme weather situations, it is recommended to store in shade.

5 – Never run hot water in this hose as this will damaged the inner tube. Follow manufacturer recommended water pressure to avoid expanding hose from bursting.

If all these steps are followed, your new expanding hose should not only last a long time but will also make your experience an enjoyable one. Check out our new expandable hose.

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