New World's Strongest Expandable Hose - Heavy Duty (Orange)

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Are you tired of heavy, bulky garden hoses? Are you sick of spending too much time untangling a twisted hose? Are you tired of finding large spaces to store your bulky hose? Are you tired of draining your hose after every use? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you are not alone. 

Expandable Garden Hose is the solution to all these problems!

  • Expands three times its length with water pressure (from 17 feet to 50 feet**)
  • Contracts back to its original length of 17 ft** when pressure is off 
  • Easy to store in small spaces
  • Drains itself
  • Weights only 1.4 lbs** in weight, five times less than traditional garden hoses 
  • Never tangles, twists or kinks

**(Weight and length are of 50 feet hose for illustration only. Please see our Size Guide for exact weight and length of all sizes).

    Problems with Expandable Garden Hoses?

    As expanding garden hoses gain popularity around the globe, many problems surfaced as well. These includes:

    • Collapsible garden hoses exploding after few uses
    • Flexible hoses started leaking at the connectors
    • The on/off shut-off valve breaking
    • Exterior protective fabric tearing

    We conducted thorough research to find the cause of each of these problems. Below are our findings:

    • These shrinking garden hoses explode because the inner tube which is mainly Latex rubber triggers a chemical reaction when used with brass connectors. This chemical reaction not only causes explosion but also produces toxic which can be very harmful
    • The inner tube is not connected to hose connectors using secure clips to avoid leaks as pressure builds up
    • The on/off shut-off valve is made up of cheap plastic, causing it to break
    • Low-quality exterior fabric being used, causing the yarn to tear up

    What makes is garDspo Expanding Garden Hose different?

    • Uses special inner tube using Made in USA materials that don't explode or leaks. (No Latex or TPC material)
    • We use 3750D exterior fabric which is the strongest fabric available in the market
    • Has unique end to end complete leak proof mechanism with interlocking clips and special protective ABS sleeves to diffuse pressure build up 
    • State of the art technology and robust testing controls ensures that garDspo expandable garden hose lasts a lifetime
    • Comes with special 18 months warranty for all manufacturing defects.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 X Heavy Duty Expandable Hose
    • 1 X Solid Brass on/off Valve
    • 1 X 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
    • 1 X 18 Months Deluxe Warranty
    ** Hose Diameter 3/4"

      Give this incredible flexible garden hose a try and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

      We have taken the risk of ourselves, all you have to do is try it. Click "Add to Cart" now and enjoy this incredible Garden Hose Set, completely RISK-FREE!


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